Reasons to love SF: Aerial Garden - Root Division

So, I've been terrible about posting here since I always want to really take my time to organize the best photos from my travels and think of something meaningful to say, which is great, but also a roadblock to having any sort of consistent posting.

That said, what I find my friends often saying to me about the events I'm going to, or new restaurants I discover is, "How'd you find out about that??" So, here comes my mini series of posts on all my fun / delicious finds around the Bay Area [...and beyond].

This past weekend I checked out Saree Silverman's beautiful "Aerial Garden" installation at Root Division (1131 Mission St.) in SOMA. Colorful, assorted pressed flowers were suspended from the ceiling, creating a sort of delicate whirlwind of flower petals. I love all things floral, so I was absolutely smitten with this. Definitely worth checking out!