SPG: W Taipei Hotel - Taipei, Taiwan

I absolutely loved my stay at the W Taipei for my most recent business trip. My trip was quick and rough jetlag-wise since I took a red-eye flight which landed at 5:00am Monday TPE time and I started working shortly thereafter. Luckily for me, the W Taipei gave me a seriously sweet, suite upgrade because of my Starwood Ambassador status (check out my Insta: @PetiteWayfarer for a video)! I really loved their "Kitchen Table" restaurant for the awesome breakfast buffet and the cheery Kate Spade-esque decor. The W Taipei was really the right mix of modern and trendy design, yet at the same time totally homey and comfortable. 

Also, check out my pics below for some yummy Taipei eats! Some standouts were Ding Wang for spicy hot pot, and of course the infamous Din Tai Fung for spicy wontons, xiao long bao, and all sorts of other goodies.