Warm Atlantic Waters - Miami Beach, FL

This is what Miami Beach looks like in January….GORGEOUS! The Atlantic waters are definitely warmer and so much clearer than the Pacific on the West Coast. I was pleasantly surprised when I took a stroll along the beach at 11pm at night, dipped my feet in the water, and it felt like nature's jacuzzi! So amazing… I really love that Miami has a laid back beach town vibe but yet still has all the nightlife and glitz of Vegas that you could want (if that's what you're up for). A couple of foodie recommendations from this trip (both on Ocean Dr.) are the Orzo Paella at the restaurant A Fish Called Avalon (dee-licious!), and brunch at The Local House. The decor at The Local House is perfect for the location and can probably best be described as upscale beach style done right. Dreaming of Miami Beach's warm waters as I'm currently freezing in snowy NY.