Fiesta Americana Grand - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Rest and relaxation are the best two words to describe the vacation I just had with my boyfriend in sunny Cabo San Lucas at the Fiesta Americana Grand all-inclusive resort. The resort is located in the Los Cabos Corridor on the southern coast of the Baja California Peninsula, with stunning views of the Sea of Cortez. As you can see in some of my photos below, the water was so clear along the beach that you really didn't need snorkels at all to see the colorful fish in the water (I took the pics from my iPhone). 

I absolutely LOVE hammocks; I think nothing spells r-e-l-a-x-a-t-i-o-n more than hammocks do. I appreciated that the resort had hammocks everywhere you could possibly want one to be. There really is nothing like snuggling in one on the beach with someone you adore. 

We never left the resort to explore other parts of Cabo as I have been there before for my birthday a couple years ago and really just wanted to focus on laying out on the beach, catching up on some reading, and enjoying a ton of poolside/beachside service. I've been to other all-inclusive resorts before in Mexico and I'd have to say this resort has been my favorite. It's definitely pricier than other ones around, however, you really do get much better quality of food/alcohol, and the patrons of this resort are not the party crowd so you can be sure to have a restful stay. There are lot's of à la carte style restaurants on the property which were all delicious (I would recommend the Argentinean restaurant La Bodega or the open ocean view restaurant The Peninsula). Best of all you never have to worry about paying for anything extra! Ok, I know it's an all-inclusive resort, but honestly it takes a bit getting used to; I always felt like I was dine-and-dashing. All-in-all, if you're from Southern California like myself, I would highly recommend taking the 2-hour flight or so to this little piece of paradise.