The Secret of the Mustached Man: Bar Trench - Tokyo, JP

I've officially found my new favorite "local" bar...Well, I guess I can pretend it's my neighborhood bar for the rest of the week that I'm here. Located in quaint Ebisu, this tiny French bar serves up the best drinks I've ever had! I'm convinced that their current specialty drink on the menu "The Secret of the Mustached Man" was created just for me. The drink is gin based, utilizes candy floss and some other mysterious awesomeness, finally garnished with a flower; the moment you bring your glass to your mouth to take a sip, you get the most amazing scent of a fresh bouquet of flowers. The drink was every floral lover's dream without being sweet, instead just refreshing, delicate, and still packed a punch. I highly recommend Bar Trench if you're in the Ebisu area.